Elstree Studios to expand with new studio facility

Elstree Film (& TV) Studios

Hertsmere Borough Council’s planning committee has unanimously granted permission for Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, to build a new studio on the 4 acre recently cleared area at the back of the studio complex.

“Elstree Studios is a jewel in Hertsmere’s crown and we should encourage their endeavours in every way.” – Hertsmere Borough Councillors

The proposal for the new studio near to the Big Brother House and the George Lucas stages was given permission to build by the planning committee on Thursday May 26th. The application is to build a new stage the same height as the Lucas Stages but larger at over 21,000 sq. ft. with connected scenery storage, workshops and production offices.

All members of the planning committee voted for the application. Cllr Morris Bright, Chairman of Elstree Studios said that this development will part fulfil a much needed requirement for more studio space.

“We already have clients who wish to use the new stage once it is built. It will probably be the best multipurpose film and TV stage in the UK. Last year Elstree Studios made record sales with productions such as “Strictly Come Dancing”, “The Danish Girl” and new drama “The Crown”. – Managing Director of Elstree Studios, Roger Morris

At one time there were numerous film studios in Borehamwood, now only Elstree Studios remain for film production in the area. The former Neptune Movie Studios nearby were converted to ‘television only’ production by ATV in 1959 with the studios reopening as the ATV Television Centre in 1961. These continue to operate as the BBC Elstree Centre.

George Lucas Stage at Elstree Studios