Trevor McDonald returns to criminal underworld with ‘Mafia Women’ for ITV

Sir Trevor McDonald ITV

Former ITV News at Ten anchor Trevor McDonald is to front a new crime series for ITV with Mafia Women. The broadcaster has also today announced further factual crime series commissions for the network.

“I am very excited about continuing the exploration of this fascinating slice of American life.” – Sir Trevor McDonald

Following the success of the 2015 series The Mafia With Trevor McDonald, the former ITN reporter and presenter returns to the criminal underworld for new commission Mafia Women with Trevor McDonald. This time, he will explore the other side of the story, meeting the wives, girlfriends and daughters who have all lived ‘the life’ and hearing their fascinating perspective on the highs and lows that come with being linked to the mob family. The series will be produced by Plum Pictures.

There will also be a brand new series Undercover Prisoner. This latest ITV Studios production promises to offer a first hand insight into the experience of convicts inside the closed world of prison. Across multiple episodes, the social experiment will show the reality of crime and punishment as seen up close from the inside and will air in prime time on the channel.

Plum Pictures will also produce a brand new series of Killer Women with Piers Morgan, which proved a hit with viewers during its recent run on ITV. Piers will return with a series of in-depth interviews with women who have committed the ultimate crime to provide another fascinating insight into the characters and actions of those involved.

“These new ITV primetime programmes take us deeper into the compelling worlds of crime and punishment – subjects that continue to fascinate our audience. I cant wait for Trevor’s unique take on Mafia Women, for Piers follow up to Killer Women which promises to be even more chilling and gripping than the first series and Undercover Prisoner an arresting proposition that allows us to look at prisons and prisoners with totally fresh eyes.” – Sue Murphy, Head of Factual Entertainment

Air dates will be confirmed by ITV at a later date.

Piers Morgan ITV