Sky Movies to become Sky Cinema

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Sky is to replace Sky Movies in the UK and Europe with Sky Cinema from next month.

“With Sky Cinema we are giving customers an even closer to the cinema experience with enhanced picture and sound quality. However, we know the heart of the service is great movies. Customers want a breadth of the latest quality films to enjoy with the flexibility to watch whenever they want and on whatever device they choose.” – Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Cinema, Europe

The company aims to build on more than a quarter of a century of heritage in home cinema, Sky Cinema will bring access to a new movie premiere every day – this is a 75% increase on the four per week offered by Sky Movies. Other additions include an even bigger library of on demand films, more pop up channels as well as better HD picture and sound quality, taking viewers one step closer to the cinema experience, Sky have announced.

They also state that the changes will come with no extra cost to existing and new subscribers. Furthermore, HD will be offered as standard to all Sky Cinema customers on the Sky and Virgin Media platforms.

Sky Cinema will be the biggest dedicated movie subscription service in Europe as Sky’s movie services in Germany, Austria and Italy are also rebranded and relaunched under the new name. Further announcements are planned in those markets in the coming months.

Sky Cinema

Major films are available just eight months after cinema release, and can be watched exclusively on Sky Cinema for over a year before viewers can watch them on any other subscription service. 45 of the top 50 films at the UK Box Office in 2015 are exclusive to Sky Movies.

The new look movie service will also provide a dedicated ‘World Cinema’ slot every Wednesday from 10pm. Building on the success of Sky Movies pop-up channels like 007, Harry Potter and Aliens, Sky Cinema is planning even more. There will be at least one every month rather than only a few times each year. Already in the pipeline for the next six months are Disney-Pixar, Star Trek and Superheroes as well as channels showcasing the work of iconic actors including Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks.

Other highlights included more original programming such as interviews and film documentaries alongside coverage of movie events and new tools to help customers watch and find their favourite films including the ‘Restart’ feature which means customers can watch films from the very beginning no matter what point they switch on. Sky Q customers can look forward to Ultra HD films by the end of the year.

“Sky Cinema builds on this commitment with even more premieres and instant access to an unrivalled library of the latest blockbusters and classic films. A better service needs a new name and Sky Cinema is about delivering the ultimate offering for movie fans everywhere.” – Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Cinema, Europe