Channel 4’s The Tribe wins gong

Channel 4

The Tribe, a Channel 4 documentary series capturing the lives of a rural Ethiopian tribe as never seen before, has been awarded the One World Media Popular Features Award.

“Many people think of the developing world only in terms of disasters, emergencies and, in the case of the past year, terrorism. But the beauty of the Awards is that we see another side to developing countries around the world, with some amazing and inspiring stories of bravery, hope and a commitment to revealing the truth behind the facades we often see.” – Clothilde Redfern, Director of One World Media

The One World Media awards celebrate journalistic excellence in international media coverage of the developing world – focused on highlighting the vital role journalists and filmmakers have in increasing cultural understanding and supporting equality and justice worldwide.

The prestigious Popular Features Award is awarded for a piece of media, including broadcast, digital, print or film, that deals with stories, topics or issues in, about or related to the developing world through creative treatment of an issue. The Tribe was recognised for reaching a wider audience potentially less familiar with developing countries and issues and help to provide a more accurate, balanced perspective.

Part of the 20,000-strong Hamar tribe living in the Omo region of Southern Ethiopia, one family, known to their friends and neighbours as the Ayke Muko’s, allowed Channel 4 to film their day-to-day life. Cameras placed in and around the family’s huts capture the intricacies of their relationships, their social bonds and attitudes towards parenting and the community. The series charts how they are embracing the encroachment of the modern world while holding onto their traditional way of life.

Filmed for the most part with small unobtrusive cameras, the series presents an intimate and uniquely authentic portrayal of tribal family life. It follows them as they fall in love, fall out and come together as a family and through it all we discover there may be more that unites than divides our two worlds.

Channel 4