The Gameboy murder is investigated by Sky Crime

Telly Today: Highlights for Tuesday, October 29th.

One to Watch: Britain’s Most Evil Killers – David Heiss, Sky Crime at 9pm

This week the resident psychologists and criminologists of Britain’s Most Evil Killers examine a gruesome murder that all starts with a Gameboy game.

Matthew Pyke was a student who lived with his girlfriend Joanna Witton in Nottingham. The couple were fans of the Nintendo strategy game Advance Wars and helped run a fansite based around it. It was there where 21-year-old German David Heiss developed an infatuation with Witton and began to obsessively stalk her.

Heiss spent many months travelling to and from the UK on a number of occasions to get up close to Joanna Witton, a number of visits were innocently welcomed by the couple, with on one occasion Heiss staying over at the couple’s flat when he was unable to secure hotel accommodation. However on his last visit, he forced his way into Pyke and Witton’s flat and stabbed him 86 times, leaving the body for Witton to find later.

Heiss was arrested at his home in Limburg on 24th September 2008, and in May 2009 he was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison. Was it pure jealousy that drove him to commit such a vicious attack?

The Great British Bake Off: The Final, Channel 4 at 8pm

It’s the final of The Great British Bake Off. For the remaining bakers the stakes couldn’t be higher, as Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith set three challenges that will test every aspect of the bakers’ skills.

In a classic Signature, the bakers have the chance to show if their chocolate cake is worthy of winning. The bakers’ efforts with a soufflé are under the microscope in the Technical.

Finally, as their families gather outside, in the Showstopper they must create a stunning visual illusion using only cake, sweet bread and biscuits. Thirteen bakers started the competition, but after 10 weeks only one can be crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2019.

Zomboat!, ITV2 at 10pm

A Zombie apocalypse is unleashed in Birmingham and sisters Kat and Jo, together with unlikely travel companions Sunny and Amar have fleed for their lives…by canal boat.

Amar and Jo go to the supermarket where Jo used to work. Kat realises the canal is draining! She needs to get Amar and Jo back. Sunny admits that he is scared of the dark. Jo and Amar are trapped with Chloe, Jo’s old colleague. Amar accidentally unleashes Jo’s old (now zombie) boss! Kat arrives but gets trapped too. Chloe idolises Jo so when Kat accidentally reveals that Jo cheated on a work competition, Chloe wants revenge.

They’re about to escape, but Chloe locks them in – payback! Can Sunny get over his fear of the dark and rescue them?

Holby City, BBC One (England, NI and Wales) at 8pm

It’s Halloween and Cameron (Nic Jackman) makes a fatal oversight with the Grim Reaper! It soon becomes clear that he is haunted by his own ghosts.

Jac (Rosie Marcel) is rattled when Stacey (Emily Bowker) informs her that she and Jonny (Michael Thomson) are moving to Edinburgh. But when Jac threatens her, Stacey drops an even bigger bombshell. Can Dofty’s relationship survive, after Dominic (David Ames) gets the wrong idea about co-parenting Lofty’s (Lee Mead) baby?

River City, BBC One Scotland at 8pm

Nicole’s fake pregnancy proves tricky to hide from Alex, as he grows suspicious about the lack of a baby bump or any obvious pregnancy symptoms. Nicole assures Alex that all is well, but when Ruby mentions a home kit which lets her hear her baby’s heartbeat, Alex’s interest is spiked while Nicole panics that the game is up. Nicole is forced to come clean to Ruby she’s faking her pregnancy, and before long the teenager finds herself embroiled in the lies.

Dylan’s worried about Eve’s lack of friends, playing matchmaker for his mum. When Ellie declines his offer to befriend Eve, Caitlin offers instead – to everyone’s surprise. Eve isn’t best impressed with her son’s interference – or choice of a new friend.